1. Q:What are your prices?

A bust with glass eyes will cost $385. + shipping. Shipping costs are fixed and are automatically calculated with Ebay’s fixed price listings. You will see a drop box that will tell you the cost if you live in the US or Europe.

2. Q: $385. sounds expensive for a bust. Can’t I just use a Styrofoam head to sell a wig? Won’t my wigs sell just as well with a cheaper head?

It’s possible that you will have sales with a less expensive head, but will you have as many? The problem with a cheap Styrofoam head is that it can’t possibly convey sex appeal to a buyer. Yes, it will fill out the wig, but no matter how expensive that wig is, it will look much less expensive as opposed to using a quality mannequin. When a person looks in the mirror, they don’t identify themselves with a block of Styrofoam. The purpose of wearing a wig is to enhance one’s beauty and look more attractive to others especially if there is a medical or cosmetic reason. Also, as a seller, you need to create an image for your business. How will you be perceived if you use a cheap featureless head, accompanied by bad photography and distracting clutter in the background? A buyer will probably go with another seller who takes more interest in showing and describing their product. Would SAKS 5th Ave. place a $10,000. gown on a wire hanger in their window or are you more likely to see it displayed on a realistic mannequin?

3. Q: Can I call you on the telephone? I would feel more comfortable speaking to a live person.

You will be communicating to a live person in an e-mail. Since I have a worldwide clientele, my phone would be ringing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if I allowed phone calls. There are times when quite a bit of information needs to be discussed before a purchase is made, therefore it’s important that communication be exchanged by e-mail so that I can refer back to what’s been said, if necessary.

4. Q: Can you make a bust in my own likeness or of my favorite celebrity/rock star, etc?

This question is asked a lot so I will explain it in depth. In order for a likeness to be created a sculptor would have to be hired. We don’t do sculpting! A sculptor will charge about $5,000 for a head sculpt to be done. Then, the clay sculpt would have to be molded costing a minimum of $500. or probably more. Once the mold is made the head castings would be in the range of about $150. not including the spraying of the skintone, hand painted makeup and other options such as glass eyes, etc. So a project of this type will add up to a considerable amount of money. Since most people only want one head, it isn’t worth it to go through that much trouble and expense.

5. Q:Well, if that’s the case, can you make an existing head in the likeness of a celebrity by using makeup techiques?

Face painting can’t change sculpted features. The sculpt can only be a better or different version of what it already is. So no makeup in the world will make an ordinary mannequin look like Marilyn Monroe, for example. The features of the head need to be correct from the beginning in order for the results to be satisfactory. When it comes to a celebrity likeness, everything from the clothing to the hair and makeup need to be EXACT in order to pull it off correctly.

6. Q: What makes a bust/head one-of-a-kind?

Sometimes a bust or head on Ebay will be described as one of a kind. In this case the bust may have been made from a mannequin that is no longer in production. For example, a mannequin from the 60′s, 70′s or whatever, can be completely refinished to look brand new. Since the item is unique and offered this way, no mold exists so duplicates cannot be made in this case. I do these just for fun or as a challenge and don’t offer them on a steady basis.

7. Q: Do you offer a print catalog?

No. All the information is posted on this website and Ebay. However, if there is something you don’t see on the website, pictures of other available heads can be e-mailed to you.

8. Q: Do you offer discounts? Will you give me a discount if I buy more than one bust?

I don’t give discounts on any bust or head whether you buy 1 or 100. The items I carry are handmade and ARE NOT produced on an assembly line in China, bought wholesale and marked up. Each one is individually made and finished so it is the highest quality. You can’t get them anywhere else and nothing comes close.

9. Q: Is the hair shown in the pictures attached?

The hair is not attached. The mannequins are sold bald.

10. Q: Do you offer wigs?

No, I do not. The wigs shown in the auctions are made by me and aren’t offered for sale. Each wig is custom fitted to the mannequins head and is cut, set and styled as well as having applied hairlines which is what makes them unique. The process is time consuming and since I need to focus on the makeup work I do, I can’t possibly offer wigs for sale. In terms of time, materials and labor involved, the wig would be in the $350. + price range and most people don’t need a wig that expensive for basic display purposes.

11. Q:Can you redo a mannequin that I already own?/ Do you do mannequin refinishing?

I don’t do full mannequin refinishing and repair work. I will do the makeup on a mannequin that has been refinished which is sprayed out and ready for makeup. I can recommend a refinisher if you need one. I will work on an upper torso IF it is in excellent condition and doesn’t have major structural damage. I will only do minor repairs if necessary, then will prime it, spray it and do the makeup. I cannot do new makeup over existing old makeup. It needs to be sprayed out so that I have a blank face to work on. As far as price, that depends on the condition I get it in and how much work is involved. I can give a general estimate if you e-mail me a picture.

12. Q: Can you add glass eyes to my mannequin?

It depends. Every mannequin is cast differently. Some have very thick blobs of resin inside the head making it very difficult to work on. I won’t know what’s involved until the top of the head is cut open and I can see what’s in there. The reason the head is cut open is so that I can do the internal work inside so that the glass eyes can fit properly. A price quote is very difficult to give in this case. Even if I have a picture, the eye opening needs to be measured and the only way I can do that is if I have the torso with me. I will not work on mannequins made of plaster or plastic.

13. Q: Do you have to have an entire refinishing if all I want is glass eyes?

Absolutely. Because the sculpted eyes and the top of the head need to be cut off, saving the original makeup is impossible. The eyelids need quite a bit of work before the glass eyes go in and there is no way of avoiding scratching the original makeup.

14. Q:Can you match the skintone of my mannequin if I send it for a redo?

I like to work with certain skintones and more than likely, what I use will not match your mannequin exactly. Skintones vary and there are hundreds of variations. I couldn’t possibly carry a wide variety of paint like that. What looks close on a chip, may be completely different once the mannequin is assembled and the parts are close together. Also, if your mannequin has some age,and has been exposed to sunlight from a store window, it will have dirt accumulation on the surface so the new paint on one part will no longer match the rest of the mannequin. To overcome this problem, you can either have the entire mannequin sprayed out so all the parts match or you can take the hand to a paint supplier and have them do a computer color match. I will tell you what type of paint to buy and you can send me the quart with your torso. Or, if you happen to have touchup paint, then a new chip can be made and a quart of paint can be mixed from that. That way there is enough to spray out the torso.

15. Q: How much is shipping and handling?

See question # 1 for Ebay related sales. As for your own mannequin torso, shipping will vary depending on the destination and the size and weight of the box. You will get an idea of the return cost since you will have to ship it to me to begin with.

16. Q: If I purchase a bust on Ebay, can you change the skintone and makeup on it before it’s shipped? I am willing to pay extra for that.

I don’t do any changes on mannequins that are sold on Ebay or commissioned privately. The mannequins are presented with enough pictures so that a buyer can clearly see what they are purchasing. If you don’t like the makeup or skintone, it’s better to wait until one you like gets listed on Ebay. A skintone can’t be changed once the bust is completed. That would require the bust to be completely refinished which includes priming, respraying the new skintone, then new makeup. It would be like starting from scratch. With commissions I need all information up front before I begin the work. Once the face paint is agreed upon, (eye color, lip color etc.) changes CANNOT be made. However, if the work hasn’t been started, I’m willing to discuss the modifications.



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