Introducing The Finest Quality Mannequin Busts

Dash-N-Dazzle specializes in the finest quality handcrafted mannequin busts which are individually cast and meticulously painted by hand in artist’s oils; never airbrushed. In addition, we were the first to introduce realistic modern mannequin display busts with glass eyes, As a result, our signature style has become immediately recognizable, making our mannequins highly valued by discerning retailer’s worldwide.

Our merchandise is made as needed, therefore, we do not keep and inventory. Any bust that is available is sold directly on Ebay. In most cases, we use the “fixed price” listing option. However, we may also use the auction format so the item remains active for a full 7 days. That way allows people to have the chance to see it no matter what time zone they live in and they will know exactly when the auction will end.

Due to the limitations of space on this website, you can click on the following links to view pictures of my work including private commissions.