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This is a general list of frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you take orders? I would like to place and order.

A: I work alone and I can’t take orders since they will add to my already busy workload. In addition to making the busts for my Ebay sales, I also paint mannequins for collectors who need the faces painted on their mannequins.

Q: Do you have any busts for sale or when are you listing more?

A:  The busts are made in small batches of 12 with no duplicates in each batch so there is no backup if one you like has sold.  I list them gradually on Ebay as each one is finished. 

Q: Do you know of another similar supplier who makes these busts?

A: There is no one similar.  I am a mannequin makeup artist and each bust is finished by hand by me.  Even though there may be other people who paint mannequins they will have their own style and way of finishing a mannequin and the mannequin won’t look the same. 

Q: Can you let me know when you will have more busts for sale?

A:  I get too many requests and it will become a full time job for me to write to everyone to let them know when a bust is finished.  And not every bust will be what you are looking for so it will be a waste of both of our time to notify you of something you may or may not want.   Generally, I will post on Instagram once the mannequin is finished and they will be ready for Ebay if I have a full set of pictures for the listing.  Not all mannequins I post on Social media are for sale.  Since I am a mannequin makeup artist, I paint mannequins for collectors who need the faces painted on their mannequins.  I use social media sites as an online portfolio to showcase my work.  Only Ebay items are for sale. 

Q: Can you make a bust in my likeness?

A: I don’t do custom sculpts. I’m a face painter and not a sculptor. You would have to hire a sculptor and that would cost at least $2,000. Plus the cost of the mold to make the duplicate. Then the cost of the base and labor costs to attach the head, priming, spraying the body color, installing the eyes, etc. After spending several thousand dollars you would end up with only one bust.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: I don’t offer discounts.  These busts are not mass produced by the thousands and are considered individual art pieces.  The eyes are set in by hand, and the entire process is completely done by one person including photographing, packing, shipping etc.  This is not a production item. A good example would be to compare an inexpensive car to a Rolls Royce.  

Q:Where can I find you on social media?

A: Here is the link to my Instagram feed:
Here is the link to my Flickr photo stream:

Q: Can you make or did you make the bust in this picture?

A: Many times, I will sell a bust and the new owner will photograph the bust using a face app or possibly a Facetune app.  These apps will enhance the mannequin and can alter the facial expression, change the makeup, give it a full smile with teeth, etc.   In real life these busts don’t exist and the app will make the mannequin look like a real person.  The mannequins only come as they are shown and sold on Ebay.

Q: I only see 2 or 3 items on Ebay. When will you list more?

A: See question # 2.

Q: Do you sell full size mannequins?

A: I only sell busts and there are no plans to sell full size mannequins

Q: Can you refinish/repair my mannequin?

A: I’m a face painter and not a refinisher. If your mannequin is broken and needs repair, I can refer you to someone who specializes in that type of work.

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